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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

You can use any number of apps to process or enhance your images. Here is an example of using an image that may appear a bit UNDERWHELMING for some folks and take it into an artistic realm that is only limited be your IMAGINATION (or paradigm, but that IS another blogpost).

Check out this barn/silo image.

Oklahoma fine art photographer
Old metal barn and silo

Rick Cotter Photographer
New artsy colorful barn and silo

A short explanation of what I did on this photo. First, I started with my well- exposed basic image of the silo. And then, created a document using Photoshop and experimented with some colored brushstrokes on white.Next, I added a layer on top of the image and played with blending modes. “Color dodge“ blending mode seemed to do what I felt was right for this image. I would encourage you to play with textures and overlays for a more artistic rendition of something that interests you.

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