About Me

In the attraction to graphics and repeating patterns seemed to be mere childlike curiosity. 

Could anything be simple yet incredibly complex at the same time?  Think about a budding fern or the pattern and texture of a young pinecone.  The Golden Mean, do you find that mysterious?  It's all around us. 


As I have aged, this curiosity has grown into shear Amazement and Intrigue.  Patterns in nature, manmade patterns and graphic designs...  These are what I enjoy capturing and putting to print in a way that grabs the viewer and requires an extended thoughtful examination of what is before them.  I use tools like a camera, computer and some very old processing techniques. 


My greatest reward is watching a viewer stop, get closer and take their time to SEE what I see.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love making it 

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Jones, OK. 73049

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